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XRAYThank you for taking the time to visit Soyee Products, LLC.

Soyee Products, LLC. offers an extensive selection of high-quality affordable radiology products such as X-ray Grids, including CR & DR, X-ray Grid Encasements , X-ray Cassettes, Intensifying Screens, Dental Cassettes, Portable X-ray Units , Apron holders, Mobile Cassette holders and much more for radiology departments in hospitals, private practices, dental practices, clinics, chiropractic and veterinary offices.

For those who have purchased our products in the past, we thank you for your continued support. For all new customers, we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. We, as always, will continually try to improve all facets of our products and services. If there is any product that you would like to see included in our line, we welcome your suggestions, and will do our best to obtain it.

Experienced customer service representatives are always available for any questions or assistance you may require when ordering.

We have consistently provided the highest quality products with a focus on service to become a leading source for imaging equipment and accessories. We invite you to join us!

Dealers and OEM accounts are available worldwide. To become a Dealer please click here to register online or contact us directly at 1-800-574-4743.

Private practice professionals interested in purchasing our products are encouraged to inquire directly at 1-800-574-4743 , for a dealer in your area.

Thank you again for choosing Soyee Products!